Audiovisual and Technical Services

Creative Sound, Light, and Vision

It's been said that vision is what makes something great! Exciting and dynamic events all have one thing in common—they begin with vision—and then, we add sound and light that thrills the senses! Every stage set, every keynote address, every concert, and every major campus event requires the talents and skills of our USU audiovisual tech and setup teams. Their combined experience and access to the latest event technology creates immersive college events.

Audiovisual and Tech Services

Services and Equipment
  • Microphones
  • Mixer/soundboards
  • Outdoor/Indoor lighting
  • Podiums
  • Portable or in-house sound systems
  • Power solutions
  • Presenter support
  • Rigging
  • Trained technicians

LED Screen and Trailer

AGGIETRON - Mobile LED Screen
Experience clarity on 17'x10' screen at 300 feet away and from a 160° angle—not bad for something that folds up and is stored in a trailer within 30 minutes or less. 
The Aggietron can be viewed in direct sunlight and has a brightness rating of 5500 nits and a contracst ratio of 5000:1. It weighs nearly 10,000 lbs and is powered by its own generator.

For more information schedule a call with one of our AV techs at (435) 797-EVNT (3868).

Event Technicians

A written estimate of all labor hours and audiovisual equipment costs will be provided prior to the rental of equipment and contracted services. Billable hourly rates for audiovisual and setup technicians are $31/hr. These services are in addition to the basic setup that is included with a room rental.