West Stadium Center

Venue Overview

  • 5,200+ sq ft of event space
  • Club level
  • Founder's suite/boardroom
  • Stadium suites
  • Public areas
  • Concourse patios


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Venue Floorplan

N 3 r d Floor 1 s t Floor Larry W And Lindi Miller Champions Club Open t o 3 r d Floor B o a r d R oom F ounde r s S ui t e E n try el e v a t or w al k w a y Ga t e C Ga t e D C on c e s sions No r th L ob b y S k yb o x C on c ou r s e P atio No r th S k yb o x C on c ou r s e P atio C e n t r al S k yb o x C on c ou r s e P atio S outh S t adium S e a t s 4th Floor Champion's Club Founder's Suite Skybox Concouse Patio South Skybox Concouse Patio North Skybox Concouse Patio Central


Standard Capacity

Event Space Total
(L x W)

Larry W. and Lindi Miller Champion's Club 3,540 118' x 30' 22' 300* - 130* 300
Founder's Suite 750 50' x 15' 8' 32 10 - -
WSC Center Concourse Patio 5,372 68' x 79' 28' 750 - 240 400

*Additional fees for rental equipment (e.g., round and classroom tables, highboys, chairs) may apply to the maximun capacity setup 

Spaces Available

Larry W. and Lindi Miller Champion's Club
Champion's Club

Founder's Suite West Stadium Center
Founder's Suite